The transition to aged care – what to expect

As we age, our mobility, coordination and memory begin to decline. This can make it difficult to perform basic day-to-day tasks such as getting around, cooking, and maintaining personal hygiene. There are several options available to those requiring additional assistance, including government funded community centre groups, live-in home care options, retirement villages and aged care facilities.

Twilight Aged Care offers aged care communities that allow residents to maintain independence, individuality, dignity and quality of life in a safe and supportive environment.

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Becoming a carer – how to care for your elderly loved one

With Australians living longer, and the proportion of people above retirement age in the country at a record level, there are lots of challenges ahead for our healthcare and aged care systems. What is sometimes overlooked is that the aging population also means more of us will be caring for elderly family members at home in the coming years. You might have recently stepped into the role of carer yourself, looking after a spouse or parent, for instance.

Becoming a carer can be very rewarding. What it often means is that your loved one will be able to live at home for longer but it also brings new challenges. Depending on the needs of your elderly relative, your responsibilities will change.

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Arthritis prevention and management

World Arthritis Day takes place on Thursday 12 October, and with a rapidly aging population here in Australia, arthritis is a disease likely to cause increasing concern in the coming years. It already affects nearly four million Australians, and although young people can develop arthritis, it mainly affects the older portion of the population.

Arthritis affects people in many different ways. Over 100 conditions fall under the umbrella of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Giving support and assistance to someone with arthritis requires a very specific form of care.

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Always welcoming new volunteers

Twilight is on the lookout for volunteers! We have launched a new, personalised Volunteer Program, which benefits both volunteers and residents as we aim to pair those with similar interests who share common beliefs, values and attitudes.

Our exciting new Volunteer Program welcomes applicants from all areas of the community, encompassing a thorough orientation, formal recognition and ongoing appreciation.
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Technology – the Future of Aged Care?

At Twilight Aged Care we are always on the lookout for new and better ways of providing holistic care for our residents. Technology already plays an important role in what we do, but as leaders in aged care we are fascinated by the possibilities it will offer care homes in the not too distant future. As Australia faces the challenge of an ageing population, technology is going to play a key role in shaping the future of aged care.

Not that long ago, ‘digitisation’ and ‘going paperless’ were the mantra of IT consultants in the health and care sectors. Today, bodies like the Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) are calling for a wider focus, looking at scalable solutions that will meet the needs of the care providers – and those who receive care – that go far beyond digital storage.
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Dementia Awareness Month

At Twilight Aged Care, we deliver expert care for residents with dementia on a daily basis, and part of our mission is to keep as up-to-date as possible on dementia care and how to manage the disease. As a result, we are very much looking forward to Dementia Awareness Month, which takes place throughout September 2017 and has plenty to offer.

Events are being held across Australia to promote awareness and understanding, and to support people with dementia as well as their relatives and carers. We have listed some of our highlights below.
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Facing the Challenge of an Ageing Population

We all think about our future, and that of our elderly loved ones. With so many Australians enjoying a longer life expectancy than ever before, the increased demand for a higher standard of aged care is imminent. What this means for Australia, on a practical level, is that more of us will require aged care for a longer period of time.

Twilight Aged Care provides compassionate care for our residents, taking the time to understand their concerns and those of their relatives. In response, we’ve devised a program of works that will stand us in good stead for the decades ahead, including the planned refurbishment of our Glengarry facility and redevelopment of the historical Jamison House at Beecroft.
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Interview with Helene Francois, Administration Officer

Find out more about our newest staff member’s very interesting and diverse professional and personal background…

What are your qualifications or current studies?

I have a degree in Packaging Engineering and Technology. I worked in that field for 16 years with some large multinational companies. When I decided to change direction, I saw an opportunity to apply my skills and experience to Operations Management and Administrative Support.

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