Aged care and the 2017-18 federal budget

Aged care and the 2017 federal budget – Twilight Aged CarePhew – no cuts and a steady hand leave the aged care budget unscathed

Australian residents who are older or who have relatives receiving aged care breathed a sigh of relief in April when the government unveiled its federal budget for the financial year 2017-18. Many were worried there would be major cuts to aged care, but thankfully none materialised.

With an ageing population, and growing numbers of Australians requiring aged care each year, the government faces an on-going fiscal challenge. However, this year it is taking a steady-as-she-goes approach, at least while it carries out some significant policy and program reviews.

People who care

Having a highly qualified team of people to provide the best service for residents is our top priority at Twilight Aged Care, and across Australia the level of training of care staff is a key concern. The government will be focusing on staffing over the coming years, and in the budget it committed $33 million to growing the aged care and disability workforce. That includes $1.9 million to be spent on an industry-led taskforce to develop a strategy ensuring the sector is efficiently staffed with qualified carers in the future.

Care at home

As part of the $5.5 billion Commonwealth Home Support Programme, more seniors will be able to downsize their properties with fewer financial penalties when they sell their homes. Up to $300,000 of proceeds can be diverted tax-free into the superannuation on their pensions, with the limit at $600,000 for couples.

Better IT

If you’ve ever had to use the My Aged Care IT platform, you might know of its shortcomings. In the budget the government said it would spend $3.1 million of the Department of Health’s budget to support the platform.

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Budget at a glance

  • $33 million to expand aged care and disability workforce
  • $5.5 billion spending on CHSP 2018-20
  • $8.3 million on in-home palliative care via Primary Health Networks
  • $1.9 million on future staffing taskforce
  • $3.1 million maintaining My Aged Care

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