Stepping Into A Mindful New Year

The new year can be a busy time for all of us, especially when it comes to finding a healthy balance between time spent on family, friends, food, fitness and finances. It is also a time for reflection on the year that has been, to inspire a positive change in lifestyle and to set intentions for the year ahead.

Our minds are powerful, and our mental state can cause our bodies stress. However, recent studies have shown that focussing more on the present moment, a process known as ‘mindfulness’, can benefit our general well-being.

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How Can We Combat Loneliness Amongst The Elderly?

Being alone describes a state of being, whilst being lonely is derived from an emotional response to a circumstance. While some people prefer being alone, it’s rare for anyone to welcome feelings of loneliness. Social isolation can negatively impact a person’s mood, outlook on life, sense of purpose and can lead to severe mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

At Twilight Aged Care, we value the importance of community and connectedness, and we understand that active social connections are imperative for our mental and physical well-being.

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Clinical News Update

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Over the past few months many of our care staff have engaged in education including medication management, care for residents with Dementia and recognition of the deteriorating resident.

Following consultation with our facility managers and our RN’s, Twilight has also commenced a six month trial around our “On Call” roster. During this time, the facility managers and RN’s will be “On Call” for their homes only.

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How our dietary needs change as we age

As we age, a healthy diet becomes more important than ever. The right foods give our bodies the best chance at maintaining our mobility, mind and overall health. Unfortunately, with age, our appetites decrease, along with our dexterity and our ability to chew, so eating the right food isn’t always straightforward.

At Twilight Aged Care, we aim to provide each individual with quality food that caters to their personal, cultural and dietary needs. In this article, we’ve put together some insights, information and tips on maintaining a healthy diet as we age.

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The transition to aged care – what to expect

As we age, our mobility, coordination and memory begin to decline. This can make it difficult to perform basic day-to-day tasks such as getting around, cooking, and maintaining personal hygiene. There are several options available to those requiring additional assistance, including government funded community centre groups, live-in home care options, retirement villages and aged care facilities.

Twilight Aged Care offers aged care communities that allow residents to maintain independence, individuality, dignity and quality of life in a safe and supportive environment.

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Becoming a carer – how to care for your elderly loved one

With Australians living longer, and the proportion of people above retirement age in the country at a record level, there are lots of challenges ahead for our healthcare and aged care systems. What is sometimes overlooked is that the aging population also means more of us will be caring for elderly family members at home in the coming years. You might have recently stepped into the role of carer yourself, looking after a spouse or parent, for instance.

Becoming a carer can be very rewarding. What it often means is that your loved one will be able to live at home for longer but it also brings new challenges. Depending on the needs of your elderly relative, your responsibilities will change.

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Arthritis prevention and management

World Arthritis Day takes place on Thursday 12 October, and with a rapidly aging population here in Australia, arthritis is a disease likely to cause increasing concern in the coming years. It already affects nearly four million Australians, and although young people can develop arthritis, it mainly affects the older portion of the population.

Arthritis affects people in many different ways. Over 100 conditions fall under the umbrella of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Giving support and assistance to someone with arthritis requires a very specific form of care.

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Always welcoming new volunteers

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Twilight is on the lookout for volunteers! We have launched a new, personalised Volunteer Program, which benefits both volunteers and residents as we aim to pair those with similar interests who share common beliefs, values and attitudes.

Our exciting new Volunteer Program welcomes applicants from all areas of the community, encompassing a thorough orientation, formal recognition and ongoing appreciation.
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