Focus on Falls Prevention & New Pharmacy Partners

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Falls are a major cause of harm and injury to older people and can lead to significant cost and loss of independence. The good news is that falls are not an inevitable part of getting older.

April is Falls Awareness Month and this year’s theme is ‘Mobility and Falls Prevention’. Twilight Aged Care homes each held an education campaign to raise awareness among staff and residents about ways to prevent falls. Staff, including RAOs worked with residents and physios throughout the month on a program which included:

• Exercises (upper body and lower body exercises)
• Vision – glasses cleaned and named (RAO and care staff)
• Health check – Blood pressure and blood sugar check (RN and care staff)
• Staff education – RN and Facility Manager ( handover time and posters )
• Checking walkers (Damian Starr)
• Signs written in yellow and black ( Montessori method)
• Resident education – (What you can do to reduce the risk of falling;
• What is safe footwear?)
• Food and what to eat – (importance of hydration)
• Decorated the homes with an orange colour for falls prevention month.


In the clinical/care services area, Twilight has appointed new pharmacy service providers. This has been a very smooth transition with Brunskills Pharmacy, Mosman now providing pharmacy services for Glengarry and Gordon residents and Burt’s Pharmacy providing services for Hunters Hill and Glades Bay Gardens residents. We are very pleased with the services of these new local pharmacies.