Glades Bay Gardens, Renovation Update

By 8th September, 2014 All, News No Comments

We are getting closer to finishing the project at Glades Bay Gardens but it will still take some months to complete all of the additional work that we have added to the project. The following work will be completed by the end of the year:

  • The new glass lift installation is in progress and over the next month we should see the glass fitted to the shaft and the lift car installed. Work on the lift foyers across Level 2 to 4 will also be completed.
  • The staircase is being clad in marble and new glass balustrades are being fitted at present.
  • The old lift shaft will be converted to two public toilets, one on level 3 and one on level 4. A new toilet is also being added to the lift foyer on level 2.
  • The old lift motor room will be converted into a public phone/internet room.
  • A new external lift will be installed next to the garages and will replace the staircase that leads to/from the street. This will provide easy access to the street for people with mobility problems and will also give residents access to the roof area of the garages where we plan to have some gardens. Ramina is also keen to grow some fresh herbs for the kitchen.
  • The balcony floor and balustrade replacement program is well underway. The wet weather in the last two weeks has delayed progress but the work is moving ahead well.
  • The external pathways are under construction. We have completed the south side of the block and the western and northern pathways are under construction.
  • The landscaping to the central courtyard will be completed when the construction works on the lift have been completed.

Although the building program has extended from what we originally planned, I am sure everyone will appreciate that the work that we are doing will provide a greater level of comfort, amenity and ambiance for the residents and staff at Glades Bay Gardens.