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130715 Site Establishment 2

It has been a busy time at Glades Bay Gardens with the commencement of our major development program on 1 July. We commenced setting up the site with the delivery of site sheds, clearing of trees and the old tennis court surface and fencing the construction zone. Visitors will know that parking space is limited and with the establishment of the construction zone parking space has further reduced. For the duration of the building program we are asking staff and visitors to park on the street, rather than on site. We need to ensure that emergency vehicles, service and building materials delivery can enter the site at all times.

In the last week we commenced in earnest with some demolition of concrete. This was a very noisy exercise and we appreciate the patience of everyone at the home while this was done. Fortunately the worst of the demolition is now over.

We have established temporary dining space in the former lounge. Visitors will notice that the offices and hairdressing salon the the old dining room have been partitioned off and are now part of the building site. The office is now located in Apartment 39 on Level 4. You might also notice that there are lots of cabling running across ceilings. We have temporarily relocated all our communication equipment out of the building zone that that we can maintain our telephone and computer systems.

From the week beginning 22 July we will see the commencement of ground works for footings and foundations. Through out August and into September we will see the building taking shape. Like us on FaceBook to get regular updates and photo notifications to your wall.