Hunters Hill Village Resident Gives Much Loved Musical the Thumbs Up

Residents from Hunters Hill Village were lucky enough to have recently been invited to a Riverside Girls High School musical performance of the classic, Mary Poppins. One of Twilight’s more colourful residents, Father Kevin Kerley, gave us his review (David Stratton style) of the local school’s production:

“We were very excited to have been invited by Riverside Girls High School to their Mary Poppins production and the school was so helpful with ushering us into the school hall and making us feel comfortable. It was impressive that the girls had also invited students with disabilities from other schools to attend.

I hadn’t known much about the Mary Poppins story before attending; it was quite an impressive performance and had excellent choreography and costumes. The girls were very clever doing very quick prop changes and it was quite high tech using 3D images – especially for the scenes where Mary Poppins levitates.

We felt quite privileged that at the end of the musical the main actors very graciously came out and greeted myself and the other Hunters Hill Village residents who attended. I said to the actor who played Mary Poppins, ‘I thought you were the real Julie Andrews!’ Her acting was that good you wouldn’t know she was a young high school girl. For a performance by non-professionals, it was of a very high standard. I’d give it 4 stars out of 5.”

Hunters Hill Village Recreational Activity Officer, Sadhna Shah, said the musical is such a special outing for the residents as it inspires sing-alongs at the home. Twilight Aged Care is committed to supporting the community, and attending local school performances is a good way to strengthen relationships with the local Hunters Hill community.