Local alliance set to strengthen community ties

picture of Hunters Hill Congregational Church

Hunters Hill Church

In a move that proves community is alive and well in the area, the local Hunters Hill Congregational Church (HHCC) has forged an alliance with local aged care provider, Twilight Aged Care (TAC), in a partnership which will enable both groups to enlarge their capacity to care for the local community.

The two organis
ations share similar missions to provide quality services and amenities to the communities they serve, this includes supporting the disadvantaged, frail and aged. It is this commitment and synergy that led to a formal agreement that has just been reached between the two.

As part of the ‘Heads of Agreement’ negotiated, the Hunters Hill Congregational Church’s Property Trust will support a long term lease and management by Twilight Aged Care (TAC) – which will operate Hunters Hill Village including 12 Retirement Living Units, the former manse (to be used as administration) and the 35-bed residential aged care facility.

TAC CEO, Lesley Jordan said the partnership will see the two organisations come together to provide enhanced services to support social, emotional and spiritual benefits to the elderly residents, local church members and the broader community.

“Our organisations already enjoy a good working relationship and this new partnership will formalise and expand on this. We will also look forward to continuing our opportunities to socialise throughout the year on events such as ANZAC Day and Christmas, along with others in the community” Ms Jordan said.

The HHCC is equally upbeat about the new alliance:

“We are pleased to be able to widen our working relationship with TAC in this way, as we see great alignment in the visions of the two groups. We are impressed with TAC’s genuine care for the elderly and this resonates with our compassion for the disadvantaged of our society,” HHCC Pastor, Dr Peter Atkins said.

The HHCC has been part of the Hunters Hill Community for over 140 years and TAC is one of NSW’s oldest not-for-profit aged care providers, delivering care to the elderly and frail in northern Sydney communities for over 100 years.

“Mateship is a strong value in Australian society because people were designed to connect. Because our groups both exist for the good of our

community, we can work together in ways that are greater than we could ever achieve individually,” Dr Atkins said.

The HHCC are the custodians of one of Hunters Hill’s finest sandstone heritage buildings and they ensure the church and its surrounds are available to the community for a variety of purposes, from weddings, funerals and church services to hosting the community’s annual Art Exhibition in May. They recently also hosted a popular Silent Film Festival using the church’s pipe organ and grand piano. The HHCC is often part of the many heritage walks that frequent the historic suburb, and the National Trust Heritage Week, and is a favourite venue for musical soirees and small concerts.

“People need a space to connect and we hope to be better able to provide that in the near future”, Dr Atkins said.

HHCC is always looking for opportunities to make its beautiful buildings and grounds available to the wider community and is currently considering plans to redevelop some of its buildings to facilitate more social gatherings.

For media enquiries please contact Twilight Aged Care Communications and Marketing Manager, Daniela Iacono on 02 9414 4400 or email daniela.iacono@twilightagedca.wpengine.com.