Make the Most of Twilight TV

By 25th March, 2014 All, News No Comments

In January 2014 we introduced our own in-house television service at Glades Bay Gardens and Glengarry.  By tuning in to channel 8 on any television in the facility, residents and visitors are able to watch Twilight Television’s personalised streaming of video, photographs, messages, information, films and radio.
Twilight Television is now used as part of our Leisure and Activity Program and has been extremely well received by residents who are always amazed to see themselves on television!  Through channel 8, staff are able to:

  • schedule movies
  • schedule special seniors programs including armchair exercises and recorded church services
  • upload photographs and video of resident activities and screen them in the facility for all to enjoy
  • show special messages and videos from families and friends
  • stream an extensive network of radio channels from around Australia and the world, including foreign language and special interest programs
  • show weekly activity programs and menus so that residents and visitors may see what’s happening in the facility
  • stream quizzes and trivia for times when Activities staff are not available
  • show safety messages
  • deliver messages of the day and reminders


If you would like to find out more about how to send in messages, videos or photographs, or if you would like more information about how to use Twilight Television, please contact the Facility Manager.