New Employee Enterprise Agreement Explained

By 26th October, 2016 All, News No Comments

Twilight Aged Care is currently negotiating a new Employee Enterprise Agreement to ensure staff have access to a fair and equitable workplace. The Employee Enterprise Agreement covers Personal Care Assistants, Laundry Attendants, Cooks/Chefs, Kitchen Hands and Recreational Activity Officers, with all other positions covered by a contract of employment as well as the National Employment Standards.

Last week, CEO Lesley Jordan discussed the rationale for updating the Twilight Aged Care Employee Enterprise Agreement and presented to staff an outline of the changes.

The most significant changes include:

  • The document being simplified in both the number of clauses and leave types.
  • Reinstating annual leave loading of 17.5% for accrued annual leave and proposing a 2% wage increase each year over a 3-year period.
  • The introduction of a more flexible classification grading to allow staff the opportunity to increase their pay incrementally, following satisfactory performance, completion of requisite hours and the satisfactory completion of their learning and development program.

In the coming weeks relevant staff will be able to vote on the proposed agreement, and if the majority vote in favour, the Twilight Aged Care Employee Enterprise Agreement will be forwarded to the Fair Work Commission for consideration and approval. It is hoped the new agreement will take effect from 1 December 2016.

Paul Ryken
Manager, HR