Australian Story: A History of Twilight Aged Care 1915-2015

by Ron Ringer

About the Book

Picture of"An Australian Story: Twilight House 1915-2015" book cover.This book occupies a small space in the story of aged care in Australia. Twilight House was just one of a number of organisations that emerged in the early years of the twentieth century.

From its beginnings in 1912 in Sydney Town Hall, where it was launched by Lady Mayoress, Florence Clarke, to the opening of its first home in Mosman in 1915, the organisation slowly expanded. Established by a small group of Sydney feminists and their supporters, it was never their intention that Twilight House pursue the ambition of becoming a large-scale aged care provider.

Staying true to their intent, Twilight Aged Care grew by small increments so that today it runs just five homes. Each of them has a character of its own, caring for elderly people whose relatives and loved ones appreciate the philosophy of the organisation – personal care and personal relationships in a homely setting cared for by trained professionals and clinicians.

Over the years, Twilight Aged Care has played an important part in the lives of many thousands of people. This book draws on the available archives to explore some of their stories.


About the Author

Ron Ringer is a consulting historian and the published author of numerous institutional histories, educational texts and architecture-related books. His company, Syntax Writing, also consults to academic clients and financial service and government organisations on a range of writing and communications projects. Ron can be contacted at



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We are very pleased to  have received some very positive reviews of our book from esteemed commentators within the Australian aged care and healthcare sectors.

“The very best historians are sensitive to the wider cultural factors that impact on their subjects. At the same time they write in ways that engage their readers. Ron Ringer is such an historian. While recording the details  of the founding and evolution of Twilight House in New South Wales since 1915, he is ever alert to the changing social, political and economic influences affecting founders, administrators and residents. No matter the changes, the abiding exemplary lesson of Twilight Aged Care over the decades for aged care services today is this: despite increasing financial pressures, respect for dignity of residents must remain paramount.”

– Dr Gerald A. Arbuckle, SM, Ph.D. Author: Humanizing Healthcare Reforms (2013)


“An Australian Story Twilight House 1915- 2015 is a very thought-provoking celebration story. This book is primarily about the historical development of an aged care service provider. Although people in the aged care industry will be interested in the story, many other readers interested in the history of society and the development and management of aged care services will find it a valuable read… It is relatively common for organisations to celebrate milestones with a historical publication. However, in this contribution Ringer has used historical illustrations that not only provide the reader with the history of the institution, but he has used personal illustrations that capture timing in history. He has managed to merge the political and social interfaces over a period and weave a historical managerial story that captures the reader’s attention.”

– Dr Eleanor Horton, Senior Lecturer in Nursing and Midwifery, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service


“This is a story waiting to be told; the research, the wonderfully illustrated and photographed content is a must for anyone interested in the history of aged care through the early 1900s up to where aged care has evolved to today… the book chronicles the important role that women and the Twilight Committee played post first and second world wars in lobbying for, not only older women in need of housing and care, but also for all older Australians in general… For Twilight Aged Care this is a significant book for the organisation, for the aged care industry and the community at large.”

– Dr Susanne Macri AM, D.Hon (ACU), FCNA. Board Director and Advisor in Healthcare