Retirement Village Living

By 27th March, 2018 All, News, Our Homes No Comments

Throughout summer, the retirement living residents have enjoyed their monthly bus trip to bushland areas or to the seaside. This month they have been joined for the first time by a couple of residents from our residential care home.

We hope new friendships and interactions will come out of this and future shared activities.

As Twilight is now the operator of the retirement village, the organisation has been able to provide in-home care support to one of the residents. This help includes access to a cooked meal a couple of times a week as well as assistance with personal care. There is a real benefit to enabling residents to remain in their own home and environment while having access to care in such close proximity.

The community was saddened by the passing of Laurel Brown who was such a lovely lady, always so bright and optimistic. She was one to tell regularly how much she enjoyed living in her unit and pottering around her garden. To her family and friends, she left them with the memories of all the laughs they shared and the encouragement of remembering to live life having fun and laughter, as it surely helps along the journey.

Our vacant unit is now undergoing some renovations and will be available for inspection in early April. We are looking forward to welcoming new members into the Village community.

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