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We implemented SIM, the sophisticated continence management system, over a year ago and have been impressed by some of the results.  Find out more from some of our staff about this revolutionary new system.

  • Babe (Sunbagammal Pillay)- PCA – Aged Care Facility Video overview: Babe explains how SIM® takes out the guesswork in determining the resident’s actual continence issues, especially for new residents where incontinence issues would normally go undetected.
  • Joanne Llewellyn – Deputy Facility Manager
    Video overview: Joanne advises from a managers perspective how SIM® has reduced costs while the level of continence care has increased with positive outcomes for residents in reducing falls and the use of woundcare products.
  • John Stuart – CEO – Twilight Aged Care
    Video overview: John explains how he was very excited when he first heard about SIM® technology that can assist carers in providing continence management for individual residents. He explains what benefits SIM® has provided to Twilight Aged Care.
  • Monica Zepeda PCA – Aged Care Facility
    Video overview: Monica sees SIM® as an easy technology to obtain an accurate continence profile of the resident so an effective continence care plan can be developed