The role of volunteers has been pivotal to the organisation over the years and continues to be increasingly important. Twilight was built on the selfless support of volunteers who provide an independent source of comfort to residents, outside of carers. Appropriately trained volunteers can enrich the lives of the residents and assist staff morale.

Who can Volunteer?

Twilight’s team of volunteers are made up of all kinds of people in our community who are prepared to make a commitment – whether a few hours a week or two hours a fortnight. Lending a compassionate ear or sharing a cup of tea can greatly enhance residents’ wellbeing and assist staff.

In supporting our communities we work with several of the local council’s Community Visitors Scheme, who provide local volunteers to assist a number of residents in areas such as language and cultural support. At Glengarry Mosman we have a strong relationship with the local Council Volunteer Program who provide volunteers from the area to read to residents and assist with the art therapy program.

Some of our regular visitors include a husband and wife team, Harris and Andrew Kim, who come in every Saturday for an hour of musical therapy with our Hunters Hill Village residents. Students from local schools also come in to sit and chat with residents and offer them conversation, comfort and social interaction through word games, arts and craft.

Our residents love hearing the students play their musical instruments and sing new songs they have learnt at school. In particular students from St Ignatius College, St Aloysius and Ravenswood Girls School visit our homes on a regular basis through their Duke of Ed Programs, Faith in Service and Service Programs.

Members of local Catholic, Anglican and other religious denominational communities regularly visit each Twilight home to offer spiritual comfort to residents in the form of prayer, reflection and Holy Communion. We are so blessed to have these members of the community who are such a valuable part of the Twilight family.

Volunteer Testimonials

The time I’ve spent at the Twilight Glades Bay aged care facility has been both a very challenging and rewarding experience. Through the guidance of the wonderful Jean-Paul and Sandra, I have developed a great understanding of their work. This service will be an everlasting memory that I will hold with myself forever. The memory is the experience of help and assisting with the everyday activities they hold each day. But the most challenging activity being art therapy. Through this activity, I developed a deep understanding of the past of many residents and their younger lives. It’s truly inspiring to hear the various stories that these residents have experienced. Additionally, this volunteer program is a fantastic opportunity for young individuals like myself to take a step into reality and experience many wonderful things.

Sebastian Wood, St Ignatius College Riverview

How to Volunteer?

Twilight has revitalised its volunteer program which includes a comprehensive orientation, training and handbook. Each of the homes is fortunate to have several volunteers and we are always happy to welcome new members into our community.  If you are interested in volunteering with Twilight Aged Care please contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 02 9414 4400 or email: