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Accommodation in our homes

Twilight Aged Care is dedicated to providing homes for the elderly and those living with dementia who can no longer live independently. Each of our homes has been designed to create a positive and uplifting environment for residents; with spacious indoor dining and common areas, recreational spaces for residents to participate in organised group activities, to exercise, watch television, have conversations, play games and listen to music; there are also designated areas such as libraries and nooks for those wanting quiet time alone to contemplate or read.

We provide ample outdoor amenities and seating including al fresco terraces, courtyards, landscaped gardens and safe walking paths so residents can enjoy the health benefits of sunshine and fresh air. 

Rooms and Apartments Rooms and apartments in our homes are inviting and comfortable. They are well appointed and aim to offer a home-like environment. All rooms are fully equipped with an emergency call system, heating and cooling system, TV and WiFi. Rooms and apartments are generally classified as either ‘classic’ or ‘premium’.

Classic rooms for example offer comfortable quarters with space, privacy and convenience to shared bathrooms and common areas.

Premium suites for example comprise a bedroom, separate sitting or lounge area, private bathroom, balcony (in selected homes), high-end finishes and fixtures, high-end colour coordinated soft furnishings and bed linen.  


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