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The Twilight Family Model of Care (TFMC)

The Twilight Family Model of Care (TFMC)  ensures the individuality of all residents is valued, generating a tailored service that genuinely cares for each person’s needs. This model creates a home environment where residents are supported to thrive and flourish and a core philosophy that informs our staff teams in every facet of their role.

The TFMC was established in September 2018 as the Family Model of Care (FMC) at Hunters Hill Village under the leadership of the Facility Manger. This relationship-based model promoted person-centeredness and was created during the transition period to the New Aged Care Quality Standards in 2019. The TFMC enabled a major culture-shift in Hunters Hill Village over a 6 month period and moved the care approach of the home from task-focused, to resident-focused, aligning the services at the home with the new Aged Care Quality Standards. These government standards focus on a person-centred method of care that promotes consumer dignity, lifestyle and choice.                                                                                   

 Since then, the model has been integrated into the rest of the Twilight homes with great success, elevating each home from an aged care facility into a bespoke, family environment.

Twilight residents and relatives were involved and consulted during the implementation of the TFMC, another integral aspect of the model which continues across all homes today, creating a happy environment where the needs of residents are individually assessed and met. Continuous training takes place in all homes, sharing and integrating important aspects of the TFMC as an ongoing practice.

The success of Twilight’s model is shown in continuous positive feedback. We continue to receive positive feedback for our Family Model of Care daily, from residents, relatives, staff and visitors.                                                                                                                                                                                              


The TFMC creates a home through six key principles. 

1. Individuality is valued. 

2. This is our home.

3. We live with purpose.

4. Food is to be enjoyable and homely.

5. Our life choices are supported.

6. Health and wellbeing of the resident is a priority.


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