General Aged Care Services

Twilight Aged Care is committed to developing personal care programs for all residents.

We have a comprehensive range of aged, dementia and palliative care services as part of our Residential Aged Care offering. Each resident is assessed to receive the appropriate level of assistance with personal care needs including bathing, showering, and personal hygiene and grooming.

Some of our basic care services include:

  • Maintaining continence or managing incontinence
  • Assistance with mobility and maintaining independence
  • Assistance with medication
  • Assistance with access to medical and allied health professionals
  • Rehabilitation support, falls and mobility assessments
  • Exercise therapy
  • Emergency assistance 24 hours per day

Residents classified by the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) as High Care will be provided with the following at no additional cost:

  • Toiletries
  • Special bedding requirements (i.e. air mattress, mechanical bed, etc.)
  • Continence pads or other aids
  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Oxygen therapy

Palliative /End of Life Care

Our palliative care service includes spiritual and emotional, as well as physical comfort, and encompasses good communication with and support for the resident’s family/guardian both during the final stages of illness and in the bereavement period. We are dedicated to providing dignified care and optimum pain management and comfort during end of life, in line with Twilight’s charter of compassion and concern for residents’ welfare.

Care is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals who are competent in assessing the needs of each patient.

Dementia Care

We are dedicated to harnessing the latest research, education and practical experience to provide optimum dementia care for residents. We do this in a variety of ways including keeping families/guardians and care staff updated on the latest study findings and recommendations for managing and living with Dementia. It is our mission to constantly educate ourselves and the community in the quest to try to improve quality of life for residents living with dementia.

Respite Care

Each of our homes provide Respite Care. You are encouraged to contact each facility at your earliest convenience, for planned respite, as bed availability is limited. Our Administration staff or Facility managers will be happy to discuss respite with you at any time.

Developing a Care Plan

When residents first arrive at our home staff consult with them, members of their family, and their GP to determine their immediate care needs. During the following weeks all other aspects of resident care requirements are discussed, and an individualised care plan developed. Residents’ care needs are routinely assessed, monitored, and evaluated with utilisation of allied health, recreational activities and/or other therapies that might help their emotional, physical and/or spiritual wellbeing. Residents also have the opportunity to share ideas and adjust the plan where necessary.

24/7 Registered Nurse Care

As part of the care plan, Twilight Aged Care provides personalized care with a Registered Nurse rostered on staff at each of our homes; a Registered Nurse is also available on-call 24/7.  Other personal care services include, but are not limited to, assistance with:

  • showering
  • toilet needs
  • dressing and undressing
  • eating and drinking
  • assistance with continence aids
  • assistance with mobility
  • hearing, sight and speech


Medication Management

Twilight Care staff will discuss medication management with residents when they first arrive in our homes; this will usually include an assessment by the Registered Nurse to determine how staff should manage residents’ medication and whether a resident is able to administer their own medications.

Twilight also provides pharmacy services for resident medication supplies and dispensation.