As one of the oldest not-for-profit aged care providers in Australia, we have a commitment to uphold our legacy of compassion and community connection. Twilight was established by community donations for the sole purpose of providing care for those who need it, and we have continued to serve and support you with the passionate people working there today. Today, we actively engage with local charities, schools, choirs and more in order to connect with our community-driven roots and brighten the days of our residents.


Twilight’s main point of difference lies in the homely environment that we cultivate in each of our homes for you. This encompasses everything from the attitude of the Board, the Executive Team and the staff we employ, and activities and lifestyle programs we offer, to the comfortable accommodation and welcoming feel of our homes. Twilight Aged Care homes are a departure from the clinical, hospital-like atmosphere of so many other aged care facilities. Our unique Twilight Family Model of Care allows our staff to learn and care for each of our residents personally and develop a genuine relationship.


Caring for you informs everything we do at Twilight Aged Care. We ensure staff and management are nurtured and developed to help deliver the highest quality of care to you. The level of experience within Twilight’s working community is extensive, with a wide variety of skills and years of experience. The Twilight Board and Executive teams and our homes staff are orientated towards creating environments for residents to thrive in. Twilight also ensures effective operation with regular employee performance reviews, and ongoing training and learning programs; as we constantly try to improve our home environments.