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Art therapy has emerged as a powerful tool for enhancing the lives of older individuals residing in Aged Care settings. It offers them a pathway to re-discover purpose and meaning and connect creatively with their community.

 Art Therapy is offered as part of our unique ‘Twilight Family Model of Care’ at Twilight. The Family Model of Care supports each resident in continuing to feel like they are living at home, maximising their independence, and respecting individuality, diversity, dignity, choice, and privacy.

Twilight’s art therapy program has been running for over four years, and each year, Art Therapist Joanne Lee feels the residents gain more from the sessions. Some residents find it a means to reconnect with their sense of self and inherent creativity, as it provides a meaningful way to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, nurturing a renewed sense of purpose and accomplishment.

For others, art therapy fosters social connections with group art sessions and outings to galleries and exhibitions like the Archibald and Sculpture by the Sea, encouraging social interaction, communication, and the formation of new friendships. During 2023, the program was enriched even further by the participation of volunteer artists from the community, such as internationally renowned ceramics artist Mitsuo Shoji and well-known portrait artist Yve Close, bringing a new level of experiential creativity for Twilight residents to engage with.

The Annual Art Exhibition held at Hunters Hill Village Hall, January 15-24 from 9 am to 3 pm weekdays,  is an opportunity to display works created by residents across all Twilight homes, from Grace Gardens at Dural to Glengarry at Mosman, Glades Bay Gardens at Gladesville, Horton House, our women-only home at Gordon and of course, Hunters Hill Village. Sales of artworks at the auction on Wednesday, 25th January, 6-8 pm will fund the expansion of the art therapy program.