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Twilight Aged Care is promoting family connection through digital innovation during its facility lockdown. 

Residents from across the North Sydney facilities can communicate face-to-face with their loved ones with the homes’ new technology communications system. 

The aged care home shut its doors on March 27 to combat the spread of coronavirus to vulnerable residents. This lockdown prevents families and friends from visiting, expect for special circumstances, and stops outside contractors from entering the homes.  

To combat anxiety from isolation, Twilight has increased the number of recreational activities on offer daily and created new social initiatives. 

Twilight has created a new Concierge role who will facilitate long distance communication between families and residents.

They will schedule routine calls and guide people through new technology systems.

This will ensure mental well being of residents and their loved ones while keeping the vulnerable safe.

“Our homes have provided a safe environment for our residents”, says Twilight CEO, Neil Wendt, “We wish to maintain this safety during a period of heightened anxiety and uncertainty”. 

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with a Concierge, please contact a home below: